Niels Otterman
I'm a Dutch Arnhem based graphic designer and design researcher, currently studying at the ArtEZ University of Arts in Arnhem. If you would like to ask me anything else, feel free to contact me via e-mail or phone.

2014 – 2019
ArtEZ University of Arts Arnhem Graphic Design Bachelor
Exhibited at Graphic Design Festival Breda
Exhibited at Graphic Design Festival Scotland

Exhibited and nominated for Crypto Design Award
Internship Design Researcher at Untold Stories (Ruben Pater)

Internship Visual Designer at Studio Louter
+31 6 134 11 474
Internship Report
In 2018 I've completed an internship at Studio Louter in Amsterdam. That internship required a designed report. The design is based on the yellow notes which the studio writes their assignments on.
Visual Memory: An Interview of Michel Ciment with Stanley Kubrick
In 1981 Michel Ciment interviewed Stanley Kubrick about his movies and his influences and published that in his book Kubrick. In that interview they were both dropping names and using terminology that is not always considered as common knowledge. Since it is never explained anywhere what this terminology means, the reader could have a hard time following this conversation. I addapted this interview in a new book and explained who the mentioned people are and what the defined their references. I took this interview from the website and the source of all the definitions is Wikipedia.
Van Wie is de Stad?
Together with a.o. Ruben Pater, we created a serie of posters to protest against the increasing prices of the house market in Amsterdam, which makes it impossible for the working class to buy or rent a house close to the central part of the city. We called out the people from Amsterdam to put these posters behind their windows and support our fight against the increasing prices of the house market. You can download and print these posters from the (Dutch) website
In Conversation With Lucas Le Bihan
This is a serie of posters about an interview with me and the French typographer and graphic designer Lucas Le Bihan. I talked with him about the value of open source typedesign and every answer and question is calculated in what it would cost if you would publish it in a newspaper. The font that is used in this project is called Avara and it is created by Le Bihan and Raphael Bastide.
What's the Difference Between Me and God?
An overview of a visual matrix how we can compare organisms and objects with eachother. It started of with the question "What is a human being?" and implied that question to other subjects as well. I used the Cambridge Dictionary as a fundament for my project for a definition. There is no startingpoint in the matrix and no final destination. It is free for the beholder to choose its own path and connection.

Link to a full screen image of the poster.
Table of Content
Three design proposals for the table of content of the book Franz Kafka - Gesammelte Werke. The first one is a timeline on how many pages each story takes, the second one is ordered on alphabetical order and the third one is also ordered on how many pages each story takes.
Het Paleoproces
A book that discusses the debate about the paleo-diet. It includes articles that are pro-, anti- and neutral about the paleo diet.
A typographic poster about the colon. Everytime a colon is used in this text, it turns 90˚ clockwise.
A 10.000 Years Message Send, Before the Sea Becomes My Friend
To warn the people in the future for the nuclear waste in Onkalo, Finland I've made an artifact that will keep his existence for 10,000 years. The same time nuclear waste lose his radioactivity. It is an hypothetical solution to the problem that is questioned by the Human Interference Task Force.
...And Justice For Free
This is the recap of my research to the different rules of "Freedom of Panorama" in different countries. It shows in which countries you are allowed to take a picture of a statue or building in the open space and publish it and in which countries not. In these countries where it is not allowed, you can only see the silhouette of the work. If the silhouette is coloured black, then it is forbidden to publish it in every situation. If it is grey, there are exceptions where you can publish your picture. You can read why and when it is forbidden from the copyright law of that country, which will appear next to the photographs.

You can find the site over here
Around the World in 80 Ways
A visualisation how a hashtag travels over the world via twitter in a very short time. The passports are a metafore for traveling throught the internet and everytime a person tweeted it from another country, the passport got a stamp of the time and place the hashtag was tweeted.
This is the text out of the book of Genesis and when you hover over it with your mouse, you will get to see the lyrics of Toto's Africa. You can find the website over here
A ruler which calculates the amount of Warhol. A Warhol is 15 minutes of fame.
Deep Web Ink
This is a video that is made for an event named Crypto Design Challenge which is organized by the MOTI (Museum of the Image). They asked designers to create a new metaphor for the Deep Web. The video is based on infamous stories about the deep web found on Reddit. This are stories involving rather disturbing topics. Every cloud represents his own topic: Green is drug traffic, red is child pornography, blue is arms trade and black are forbidden organizations or cults.

You can find the video over here
Book of Gerhard Richter
Book of the work of the German painter Gerhard Richter
Poster GDFB
A poster that took part of an exhibition at the Graphic Design Festival Breda 2015. It was made around the question how you would explain to everyone what your occupation is.